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1st Yr. LL.M 2nd Yr. LL.M
Subject Subject
Research Methodology


Indian legal and Constitutional history

PIL, Legal Aid and Paralegal services

Right to Information

Constitutional Law

Master’s Thesis

Optional (Take Any Four )


Environmental Law

Hindu Law

Muslim Law

Arbitration and Conciliation

Company Law

Laws for Women and Child

Human Rights Law

Banking Law

Criminology and Penology





Prescribed courses of studies for year, Integrated Law Courses

Each subject carries 100 Marks pass 33% in each paper and 45% in aggregates 33% in each paper

1st yr. B.A., LL.B.(Hons) 2nd  yr. B.A., LL.B.(Hons)
Paper Subject F.M Paper Subject F.M
Paper I English I 100 Paper I English II 100
Paper II Pol. Science I 100 Paper II Pol. Science II 100
Paper III Pol. Science II 100 Paper III Economics II 100
Paper IV Economics I 100 Paper IV Sociology II 100
Paper V Sociology I 100 Paper V History II 100
Paper VI History I 100 Paper VI History of Court and Legislatures legal profession in India 100


III rd yr. B.A., LL.B.(Hons) (5yrs.) & LL.B.Part-1(3yr. Course)

Paper Subject Paper Subject
Paper I Contract (General Principles of Contract sec 1 to 75) With Specific Relief Act. Paper VI Administrative  Law
Paper II Contract II –Indian Contract Act (Sec.76 to the end) Indian Partnership Act. Sale goods Act and other Specific Act and contract. Paper VII Computer Law
Paper III Jurisprudence Paper VIII (Optional) any one

A)     Comparative Law/Legal History

B)      Banking Law Including NI Act

C)      Trust, Equity and Fiduciary relationship

D)     Law & medicine

E)      Women and Law relating to child/ law poverty and development

Paper IV Constitutional Law  
Paper V Legal Language/ Legal Writing Including General English  








IVth Yr.B.A., LL.B.(Hons) (yrs.) & LL.B. part-II (3yr.course) Vth Yr.B.A., LL.B.(Hons) (yrs.) & LL.B.

part-II I(3yr.course)

Paper Subject Paper Subject
Paper I Family Law I (Hindu Law & special Marriage Act Paper I Law Evidence
Paper II Family Law II (Mohammedan Law , India Succession Act and Indian Divorce act) Paper II Civil Procedure code & Limitation Act
Paper III Law  of Crimes (I.P.C) Paper III The Law Torts & Consumer Protection Act
Paper IV Cr.P.C, Juvenile Justice Act and probation of offenders Act Paper IV Interpretation of Statutes
Paper V Labour Law Paper V Aritration & Conciliation Act and alternate disputer resolution systems
Paper VI Transfer of Property Act Paper VI Human Rights & International Law
Paper VII C.N.T., Act. Bihar land reforms Act & cealing Act Paper VII Environmental Law


Paper VIII Optional any one

A)     Bankruptcy law

B)      Insurance Law

C)      Criminology & Penology

D)     Intellectual Property Law

E)      Conflict of Laws

Paper VIII Optional any one

1.       Taxation Law

2.       Maritime Law

3.       Air and Space Law

4.       Inverstment and security Law

5.       International economy Law

Paper IX Moot Court pre-trial preparation and participation in trial proceedings and moot court viva-voce.

Written Examination-  70Marks

viva-voce.- 30 Marks

Paper IX Drafting Pleading and Conveyancing

Written Examination-  70Marks

viva-voce.- 30 Marks

Paper X Professional ethics, accountancy for Lawyers and bar bench relation

Written Examination-  70Marks

viva-voce.- 30 Marks

Paper X Public Interest Lawyering Legal Aid and para Legal service


Each subject carries 100 Marks in full mark. Each subject obtained 33Marks pass Marks & aggregates45% marks, and 60% marks obtain first Division. In aggregate Part I,II,III,IV & v in five years and Part I, II & III in three years course.


PAPER-I                                                                                                                                80 Marks

Contract-I (General Principles of Contact: sec 1 to 75)                                     20 Marks

Specific Relif

Book recommended

S.K Kapoor
Avtar Singh
R.K. Bangla

PAPER-II                                                                                                                              60 Marks

Contract-II Indian Contract Act (Sec : 76 to the end )                                        20 Marks

Indian Partnership Act                                                                                20 Marks
Sale good Act & other specific Contract

Book recommended

S.K Kapoor
R.K. Bangla

PAPER-III             Jurisprudence                                                                   100 Marks

Book recommended                      Salmond

Dr. B.N. Mani Tripathi

M.P. Tandon

PAPER-IV                             Constitutional law                                                            100 Marks

Book recommended

Dr. D.D. Basu

V.N. shukla

J.n. Pandey



PAPER-V              Legal Language/ Legal Writing Including General English                 100 Marks

Book recommended

Dr. Srikant mishra
H.k. mukherjee
R.l. Jain
Dr.Amit Sen


PAPER-VI             Adminstrative Law                                                                          100 Marks

Book recommended

J.J.R. Upadhyaya
Dr. U.D.P. Keshri



PAPER-VII           Company Law                                                                    100 Marks

Book recommended

Dr. Parajnjape
Avatar Singh

PAPER-VIII                          (Optional) Any one

  1. Comparative Law/Legal History
  2. Banking Law Including NI Act
  3. Trust, Equity and Fiduciary relationship
  4. Law & medicine
  5. Women and Law relating to child/ law poverty and development 100 Marks

Book recommended

J.K.Mital (Banking Law)
Kulsestra (NIECT)




LL.B. Part-II

PAPER-I                Family Law I                                                        70 Marks
Hindu Law
&special Marriage Act                                   30 Marks

Book recommended

Dr. Paras Diwan


R.K. Agarwal


PAPER-II              Family Law II                                                      60 Marks
Mohammedan Law ,                                      20 Marks
India Succession Act                                      20 Marks
& Indian Divorce Act)

Book recommended

Aquil Ahmed

Dr. Mohammad Nazme

M.P Tandon

PAPER-III             Law of Crimes (I.P.C)                                                      100 Marks

Book recommended

Ratan Lal & Dhiraj Lal

Dr. R.N. Saxena

Dr. Bhatacharya

PAPER-IV             Cr.P.C, Juvenile                                                                                 60 Marks
Justice Act and                                                                                  20 Marks
probation of offenders Act                                                          20 Marks

Book recommended
V. G. Goswami
Prof.S.N. Mishra
Dr. S.K. Puri

PAPER-V              Labour Law                                                                                         100 Marks
Book recommended
V. G. Goswami
Prof.S.N. Mishra
Dr. S.K. Puri


PAPER-VI             Transfer of Property Act                                                                                               100 Marks
Book recommended

R.K. Sinha

Dr. S.n. Shukla

& Easement Act                                                                                                                                20 Marks

Book recommended

S.K. Agrawal



PAPER-VII           C.N.T Act                                                                             60 Marks
Book recommended

Satish Kumar Sinha

Bihar Land Reforms Act                                                                                                 20 Marks

Book recommended


& Cealing Act                                                                                                     20 Marks

Book recommended




PAPER-VIII                          Optional any one                                                             100 Marks

  1. Bankruptcy law
  2. Insurance Law
  3. Criminology & Penology
  4. Intellectual Property Law
  5. Conflict of Laws

Book recommended     Avtar Singh, I.J Singh

 Practical Training


Moot Court pre-trial preparation                                                              80 Marks

participation in trial proceedings

  • Mook Cour 20 Marks

Book recommended

Kailash rai


Each  students will have to attend three moot court classes.

Each moot court carries 10 marks for written submission and 5 Marks for oral advocacy.

  • Observance of trial in two case one civil and criminal

Each students will have to enter the various steps in a diary observed present days  in the court assignment)

  1. c) Interviewing technique and pre-trial preparations

(I) Each student will observe two interviewing session of client of the lawyer’s office and records the proceeding in a diary which will carry fifteen marks.

(II) Each student will observe the preparation of documents and court papers by the advocate and the procedure for filling the suit and record the same in his diary.




Paper-X    Professional Ethics, Accountancy for
Lawyers and Bar Bench Relation
This Course will be taught in association with Practicing Lawyers on the basis of the following materials

  1. krisnamurthy lyer’s book on Advocacy
  2. The contempt law and Practice.
  3. The bar Council code of This
  4. 50 selected opinions of the Disciplinary Committee of Bar Councils and 10 Major Judgements of the Supreme court on the Subject

Written Examination                                                              80 Marks

Viva Voce                                                                                   20 Marks

Book recommended

Kailash rai

S.p. Gupta



PAPER-I                Law Evidence                                                                     100 Marks

Book recommended

Ratan Lal Dhirajlal

Batuk Lal

PAPER-II                              Civil Procedure code                                       80 Marks
& Limitation Act                                                20 Marks

Book recommended



PAPER-III                             Torts                                                                                      60 Marks
&  Consumer Protection Lawa                                    40 Marks

Book recommended

R.K. Bangla

PAPER-IV                            Interpretation of Statutes                                            100 Marks

Book recommended

D.T. Bhattacharya
R.D. Srivastava

PAPER-V                              Aritration                                                                             60 Marks
& Conciliation Act                                                             20 Marks
& alternate dispute resolution systems                               20 Marks

Book recommended

N.V. Paranajaee

O.P. Tiwari

PAPER-VI                             Human Rights & International Law                                           100 Marks

Book recommended

  1. Bhattacharya

PAPER-VII          Environmental Law                                         100 Marks

PAPER-VII           Optional any one                                             100 Marks

  1. Taxation Law
  2. Maritime Law
  3. Air and Space Law
  4. Inverstment and security Law
  5. International economy Law

Book recommended

V.K. Singhania

Practical Training

Paper-IX                              Drafting Pleading and Conveyancing                       90 Marks
Viva-voce Examinations which will test the
understanding of Legal practice In relation to
drafting, pleaing & conveyancing                              10 Marks

Book recommended

G.C. Mogha

A.N. Chaturvedi

Paper-X                        Public Interest Lawyering Legal Aid
and para Legal service                                                                    100 Marks


Book recommended

Kailash Rai

1 St Semester Fee Structure Academic session 2016-17 for Gen/SC/ST/ OBC

Sl.No  Particular Amount (RS)
1. Admission fee 350.00
2. Tuition Fee 4200.00
3. Identity Card 50.00
4. Misecellaneous Charge 900.00
6. E-Library 50.00
7. B.D.F 1000.00
8. Dev. Fund 300.00
9. College development Fund 2000.00
10. P.B.F 100.00
11. College Exam Fee 100.00
12. Legal Aid 50.00
13. Sports Fee 50.00
 Total 9200.00




N.B:- LL.B (Hons) 3yrs. Course Comprises with 6 nos of semesters &
B.A.LL.B (Hons.) 5 Yrs. Course Comprises with 10 nos. of semesters.