Jharkhand Vidhi Mahavidyalaya

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Secretary’s Desk

Dear learned students

founder-secretaryYou are in good spirit while selecting this premier law college of vinoba bhave University, for shaping your career in the desired field. The field, which you are selecting for your career, demands hard work, professional attitude, knowledge, understanding, patience & devotion. In a nut-shell, it is a challenging field. The dawn of the 21st century has heralded the development of India as an economic power house energized by revolution in the knowledge sector. Knowledge economy addresses how information and ideas are created, used, circulated and adopted at an accelerating speed in knowledge based communities. In knowledge economies these capacities are not just the property of individuals, but also of organizations, in cultures of mutual learning and continuous innovation.

The growth of knowledge has accelerated in recent years and bright minds clustered in the right environment have sparked a knowledge revolution. In fact the 21st century marks the maturation of the knowledge era.

I acknowledge that knowledge is the most democratic source of power. By promoting and acquisition of knowledge, the teachers and students have been, and are, the guarantors of future equality and stability of the Indian Nation

Law College are places where ideas germinate, where applications grow out of ideas and where innovation flourishes in an atmosphere of intellectual challenge and freedom.

It hardly needs any mention that higher education is critical component in nation building. The objective of higher education, amongst other’s is preparing a skilled workfare for different sectors of the society. therefore, quality and excellence have to be hallmark of each institution of higher learning . the learning opportunities therein should provide for provide for stimulating experience , so as to ensure that each learner grows at her or his own pace and blossom into meaningful citizen . looking to the achievements of the past and the needs of the future Indian education system has to redefine the educational needs and provide appropriate education interventions failing which it would not be possible to produce workforce which can respond to both the local and global requirement. I trust that the Jharkhand vidhi Mahavidyalaya will constantly endeavour to produce fellows of  exceptional ability and high character and thus make it a ‘go for it-place’.
The college in determined to promote excellence in education and join the pursuit of knowledge that promotes such excellence. It has well developed and equipped computer Labs, Library, Reading Room, Moot Court Room and other e-library, C.C.T.V wi-fi connectivity available. Raging free Environment. We offer you all the necessary facilities for upskilling yourselves both professionally and humanly like quality education, teaching learning facilities, better interaction with strict discipline.

Wishing you a bright future.
Dr. D.N. Mishra
M.Com, M.A(Eco)’. M.A(Eng) LL.M(U.U), Ph.D,LL.D (Meerut ) former P.v.C, BNMU, Bihar